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Important information

A selection of documents for you to download, full of helpful advice and information.  Please note that we are have an age limit for younger children of 10.
 If you're interested in adopting or fostering a dog then please fill out the adoption/foster questionnaire form and email it to us at (this cannot be done on the 'contact us' page, as that form does not allow attachments). All the other documents featured on this page are for informational use only, examples of what to expect if you're adopting/fostering a dog from us.

If you wish to know the process your foster/adopted dog is going through, or the costs involved in adopting a dog, please visit the " the process" page.

Informative documents ONLY

Foster agreement form

Adoption agreement form

A note from your new rescue dog

A letter from a volunteer

To fill out if you wish to adopt/foster

Pre adoption/foster questionnaire

Important Information on your new rescue dog

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