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The dreaded phone call telling one of our safe shelters, with many of the dogs we have rescued, that they had to vacate the land as the owner wants to sell it for construction as the ever expanding city encroached further and further into the countryside.

This has happened to Raluca, Marius and his family, some of our private shelter owners, after 20 years, they have been given just two months to leave with all the dogs. 
All the beautiful dogs we saw on our recent trip are now at risk!! Noah's Ark have never been scared of a challenge and we desperately want to help them finish making a new shelter so the dogs can be moved and remain safe and well looked after. We will be running a series of initiatives over the next two months to raise funds and we encourage you to get involved with your own fundraising events.

You can find details of these on the Facebook pages post. 
Please help us to help the dogs! This is a most urgent and desperate situation but by pulling together, hopefully we can get all the dogs transferred to the new shelter and the new shelter built before the deadline - the consequences of failure doesn't bear thinking about.

You can donate on our website too under the "donate your own amount" found at the bottom of every page, reference "Shelter".

Helping the village fire family

During our trip we witnessed the poverty and struggle of the remote villages approximately 30 miles from Craiova. Old men working the fields with a hand plough, fresh water from a street tap that everyone shares, houses with no electricity or running water, hard graft every day for very little reward. Life in these villages are hard!

But this situation broke our hearts

The young family that we used in our campaign to help the villagers and forgotten children at Christmas now have even less than they did a few months ago. A house fire has taken the very little possessions they had and now they have nothing! Absolutely nothing but the clothes they stood up in on the day of the fire. The house is a burnt out shell and the family are now living in the crude stable where the goats were kept during the winter.

The villagers have rallied round and found them a bed, a table and an old cooker and Luiza Leferman has given them bedding, blankets and clothing from the donations we sent over but this family need so much more to help them get back on their feet.

They were kind enough to let us enter the burnt out shell of their house and the stable where they are currently living - the animal stench was overpowering but they have nowhere else to go and they have two small toddlers under the age of three.

We have set up a fundraiser to help get this family back on their feet as their struggle has really touched our hearts. Click the image to gain access to the fund raiser or the "click here" button.

Selection of Noah's Ark success stories.

Selection of Noah's Ark success stories.

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