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CHANGES TO OUR ADOPTION PROCESS WITH EFFECT FROM 1 FEBRUARY 2021 Following the UK’s departure from the EU on 31 December 2020 and the new import/export and customs requirements, all dogs will now go straight to one of the two rehoming centres in Immingham and Wisbech. Following the 48 hours traces period, the dogs can then be rehomed from the centres or be transferred to one of our foster homes. All the dogs available for adoption will be posted on the page with their details and location.

MINIMUM CHILD AGE LIMIT: Due to a number of dogs being returned by inexperienced adopters, the rescue has a minimum child age policy of 10 years old for first time adopters with children. This does not apply to existing Noah’s Ark adopters or experienced dog owners with a current resident dog when the minimum child age is 8 years old. Please ask if unsure. ADOPTION PROCESS AND COSTS: If you are interested in applying for one of our dogs please complete a pre adoption form by clicking this link Following the additional post-Brexit documentation requirements and customs tariffs, together with Eurotunnel withdrawing the ‘frequent traveller” discount, it has been necessary to increase our adoption donation to £395 which just about covers transportation and travel prep costs (vaccinations, flea/worm treatment, sterilisation for adult dogs, etc). The first step is to complete an application form, following which one of the team will contact you for a screening chat and to run through the home checking process. Following a successful home check, we will then arrange a meet and greet. Transport is operated every fortnight, departing Romania on Mondays and arriving in the UK on Wednesdays.

Please note that we longer adopt our dogs into Devon/Cornwall or Scotland due to the distance from where the dogs are located.


A successful home check is required

The adoption donation is £425

We do not rehome our dogs in flats/apartments No cats unless already living with a dog

We have a minimum child age policy of 10 years of age for new dog owners, 8 years of age if you currently own a dog

A fully secure garden with at least 5’ fences/boundaries is required

If working, no more than 3 hours absence per day when adopting a puppy

We will consider a maximum of three applications and will post on the page once applications for a dog is closed

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